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Main features
  • Ecological vehicle: Our locomóviles are powered by a non-polluting electric motor (it does not produce annoying noises, smoke or unpleasant odors) that connects to two rechargeable batteries as easily as any other electronic device used by our children.


  • Toy: Our locomóviles have been designed and developed to encourage kids to enjoy the open air for entertainment and education, as these cars’ features are similar to those found in the cars used by adults, which make them easy to drive and maintain: accelerator, disc brakes and electronic control transmission (forward, neutral and reverse).


  • Greater autonomy and safety: Thanks to their design, construction features, the quality of materials and an excellent weight–motor–battery ratio, our locomóviles can run for more than 2 hours without recharging at a speed not exceeding 23 km/hour.


  • Suitable for 6 to 16 year olds: Our locomóviles can be driven by a wide range of ages due to their unique system of adjustable-distance pedals.


  • Suitable to run on different surfaces, such as asphalt, dirt, gravel and grass.


For the design, development and production of our MB W196 and FE D50 locomóviles, we have prioritized the use of raw materials and supplies of Argentine origin.                                                         


MB W196
FE D50
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