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Locomóviles, electric cars for kids

Locomóviles, electric cars for kids, is an Argentine company created by three automobile enthusiasts, Juan Mercado Virasoro, Rodolfo Manochi and Teddy Brea. These friends’ strong curiosity, passion and feelings about automobiles are frequently shared by numerous people, and often difficult to explain and understand. As an ingenious way to transmit their interest in children, they manufacture customized electric cars for kids featuring component design and driving properties very similar to those of real-sized cars. In this way, they offer children the opportunity to learn how to drive these cars, and also cherish them and take care of their maintenance. After all, it will be these new generations the ones that will design, manufacture, drive and enjoy the models of the future.


With our Locomóviles we want to pay a humble tribute to the automobile itself and all the pioneers and visionaries this fascinating industry had, who achieved the long awaited dream of self-propelled vehicles encouraged by an incredibly curious spirit. Their big effort and fierce determination helped them offset the inadequacy of knowledge and technology, and they did not hesitate to expose themselves to multiple and sometimes dangerous experiments, even to the point of losing their lives.


The Locomóvil MB W196 is based on Juan Manuel Fangio's

Created by three

car enthusiast friends.

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